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Three sows due September/October 2017! 

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Our Kunekune Pigs

Our registered Kunekune pigs are raised year-round in southwest Colorado on Cherry Creek Mountain Ranch. They roam over three fields with structures provided for shade, a man-made pond and plenty of grass for the eating. In the winter we supplement their grass diet with some corn-mash, sunflower seeds, or stored-from-the-garden corn, apples and winter squash.

Our original six breeder pigs came from the premier Black Valley Farm stock in Pennsylvania. They represent 7 parental bloodlines, 11 bloodlines from the grandparents, and 16 bloodlines from the great-grandparents.

What we Offer

Registered Kunekune Breeders

Available Nov 2018

Kunekune Piglets (for meat or pets)

Available Nov 2018

Healthy & Tasty Kunekune Pork

Coming 2019

$7 - $12/pound, depending on the cut

Meet our Kunekune Breeder Sows

How to read our descriptions

Ginger: 'Pet' name

(BVF Tapeka 9): 'Official Lineage' name (BVF - Abbreviation of breeder. In this case, BVF stands for Black Valley Farm.) (Tapeka is the name of the bloodline of the mother if the pig is female, or the father if the pig is male.) (9 shows that this is the 9th pig of the Tapeka bloodline produced by Black Valley Farm.)

Ginger/Black Tricolor: Color of Pig (Click here to see all available colors.)

DOB: 02/26/16

Sire: USA Mahia Love 31: The father's 'official lineage' name. (See above.)

Dame: USA Tapeka 8: The mother's 'official lineage' name. (See above.)

Kunekune pigs colorado tapeka line


(BVF Tapeka 9)

Ginger/Black Tricolor (although she mainly appears Ginger)

DOB: 02/26/16

Sire: USA Mahia 

Love 31

Dame: USA Tapeka 8

Kunekune pigs colorado jenny bloodline

Mary Ann

(BVF Jenny 94)


DOB: 04/04/16

Sire: GMF Ru 14

Dame: BVF Jenny 47

Kunekune pigs colorado jenny bloodline


(BVF Jenny 91)


DOB: 02/17/16

Sire: USA Mahia Love


Dame: HH Jenny 2

Kunekune pigs colorado aria giana bloodline


(BVF Aria Giana 17)


DOB: 07/21/16

Sire: USA Mahia Love


Dame: USA Aria

Giana 3

Meet our Kunekune Breeder Boars

Kunekune pigs colorado tutaki bloodline


(BVF Tutaki 2)

Ginger/Black Tricolor

DOB: 08/07/16

Sire: AWE Tutaki 4

Dame: USA Jenny 89

Kunekune pigs colorado tuahuru bloodline


(BVF Tuahuru 2)


DOB: 07/04/16

Sire: BVF Tuahuru 1

Dame: BVF Jenny 48

Why Kunekune Pigs?

Kunekunes are the only true grass grazing pig. With enough pasture or woods, they will not require any supplemental feeding during temperate months. In the winter, they can find some of their own food, but will need additional feed. 

They are friendly, affectionate and easy to care for.

These long haired pigs are fat and round, but only 100-400 pounds when they reach their full size after 2-3 years - well below the average 1300 pound commercial pig. Because they are pastured, the meat contains many more healthy omega fats than commercial pigs.

These rare heritage pigs were nearly extinct in 1984. You can help further the breed's establishment, while reaping many benefits yourself.

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